Friday, July 15, 2011

Luxray (Pokemon)


This is my first Pokemon plush, which is rather surprising because most of the other commissioners I know get a lot of requests for Pokemon. I think its mostly because I'm known for robots, which is fine, I love my robots. But working on Luxray was actually a lot of fun. The shape was pretty basic, but it had some interesting parts to him.


His head reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought of making it all one piece, but it ended up working better as three pieces and then they're sewn together up till a certain point, so they all spike outwards.

I chose to make the legs seperate parts because the front legs had a spike part coming out. It was easier to make them different pieces then try and figure out how to make it all one piece. It worked out rather nicely because the legs are strong enough to support him to stand, as shown, but he can also sit down on his hind legs. The applique on the legs was a little annoying. Not really tough to do but doing little applique work is always a little annoying.

The tail of course has a wire in it, so it can be posed and bent. It's getting easier and easier to stuff them. And I like the touch of the wire to bend and pose the tail.

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