Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loftwing (Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)


This was a commission for a friend of mine Link's cosplay and this honestly became one of my favorites to work on. I've played a few of the LoZ games, I haven't had the chance to play Skyward Sword, I don't have a Wii, maybe sometime I'll get the chance to play it.


This was my first time making a bird type creature. It would have been nice to make the wings spread, but not really practical. So I kept his wings folded, and simplified the feather details. I did the chest feathers by layering two pieces of fleece, then using a marker I colored in the tips. For that, the detail was so small it was easier to just color it in.

The legs do not have any sort of wires in them, but they are stuffed and can be easily bent to sit under him. They sadly can't support him, unlike what I'd like for most of my plushies, but I really couldn't find a way around it.

He's a pretty good size, probably almost 11"-12" tall. He's supposed to be somewhat big, but I wanted him to be a good size so the person could hold and carry him. I'm very pleased with this commission over all!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jake the Dog (Adventure Time)


So recently I really started to get into Adventure Time. I'm not sure why I was so behind on the show, probably because I don't really have cable. But I got the chance to watch it and I fell in love. I just had to make something from the show. So I looked over what I had and I was happy to be able to make Jake.


His shapes are pretty basic, and he was really rather easy to make. The eyes are hand appliqued on, no other reason other then it was easier to sew it that way. The eyes were so big, I didn't really see the need to use the machine.

The special part about Jake is his arms and legs. In the show he's always changing them or doing odd sort of poses, so I made sure to include wires, so that they were bendable. So now his arms and legs can do any sort of silly pose. I'm really happy with how he ended up overall!

Fluttershy (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)


So it's been a while since I've updated. I took a brief hiatus on making plushies, I got a little busy after the summer. But in-between I decided to work on a project to get myself back in the groove of things. I made this plush a little while ago, I just really hadn't gotten around to posting it.


I'm not really much of a pony fan but the designs are really very cute. I thought Fluttershy was one of the cutest so I just had to make her. I was lucky and had everything I needed already to make her. This was my first time making a shape like this, like a horse, so it was a bit of a test for me. I think the legs ended up a bit thinner then I wanted to, so she didn't stand perfectly, but with the tail and legs she does sit well.

The mane and tail were all stuffed with batting rather then stuffing, so they wouldn't be so big and poofy, they could be easier to sew. Her eyes were hand appliqued on, due to the level of detail on them. Basically it was just one layer over the other. I wanted to recreate the cartoony look as much as possible. I could have added a bit more detail on the cutie mark, the butterflies could use the anteni, maybe next time I'll hand applique them on.

If you're interested in the pattern I sell it, as well as several other patterns on my etsy. Feel free to check it out!