Saturday, January 28, 2012

Loftwing (Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword)


This was a commission for a friend of mine Link's cosplay and this honestly became one of my favorites to work on. I've played a few of the LoZ games, I haven't had the chance to play Skyward Sword, I don't have a Wii, maybe sometime I'll get the chance to play it.


This was my first time making a bird type creature. It would have been nice to make the wings spread, but not really practical. So I kept his wings folded, and simplified the feather details. I did the chest feathers by layering two pieces of fleece, then using a marker I colored in the tips. For that, the detail was so small it was easier to just color it in.

The legs do not have any sort of wires in them, but they are stuffed and can be easily bent to sit under him. They sadly can't support him, unlike what I'd like for most of my plushies, but I really couldn't find a way around it.

He's a pretty good size, probably almost 11"-12" tall. He's supposed to be somewhat big, but I wanted him to be a good size so the person could hold and carry him. I'm very pleased with this commission over all!


  1. Could you please give me the forms and sizes of the tissues please? I'd like to do the same sort of thing.