Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Puppycat (Bee and Puppycat)

I got a commission for Puppycat from Bee and Puppycat. The cat is such a big, cute shape, even with its frowning face. I was pretty excited to work on it and make a round cute cat.

All of the shapes were really basic. A round head, round body and small legs. The legs really doesn't support it as much as the body itself holds it up. The legs really act more as decoration rather then actual support like most of the other limbs I make for my plushes.

His facial details are hand sewn on, the eyes just fleece, so I could replicate his expression. The mouth is embroidered on to create the angry pout it has.

The collar around it neck is just fleece. I made a round shape to replicate the bell that it has around its neck and attached it to the neck. The "collar" doesn't fully wrap around his head, but I wanted to replicate how it looked in the reference.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hey there everyone! It's been a while since I've updated, but I wanted to share a few things I've worked on since my absence. I've made a few plushes here and there, so it's just easier to compile them all into one post.

Monomi (Dangan Ronpa 2)

Monomi was so cute, unlike her Monobear counterpart, I just had to make her! For the patterns I basically used the same base and setup as Monobear. The only real difference is the ears and the details on her face. The bunny ears stay up easily after being stuffed and stitched on. The bow on her head is made from fleece, making it nice and full looking. The details on her face are hand stitched on with an invisible stitch, so it looks like it just sits on her face. The detail on her stomach is stitched on with my machine. Overall I'm happy with how she turned out! I'm hoping in the future I can make one of her outfits, either her diaper or magical school uniform.

Scribbles (Conventional Wisdom Web Comic Mascot)

This is the first time I made an original character, and the design was well done and cute I just had to! This is the mascot character for the webcomic Conventional Wisdom. All of his facial details, including the small tuft of hair on his head. The tuft of hair was just invisible stitched on, so it could stand up easily. His belt and boots are done with fleece. The belt is stitched on from the back, so it can be shifted and moved around if the customer wanted.

Overall it was a really simple plush but I was excited to make it!