Friday, July 15, 2011

Luxray (Pokemon)


This is my first Pokemon plush, which is rather surprising because most of the other commissioners I know get a lot of requests for Pokemon. I think its mostly because I'm known for robots, which is fine, I love my robots. But working on Luxray was actually a lot of fun. The shape was pretty basic, but it had some interesting parts to him.


His head reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought of making it all one piece, but it ended up working better as three pieces and then they're sewn together up till a certain point, so they all spike outwards.

I chose to make the legs seperate parts because the front legs had a spike part coming out. It was easier to make them different pieces then try and figure out how to make it all one piece. It worked out rather nicely because the legs are strong enough to support him to stand, as shown, but he can also sit down on his hind legs. The applique on the legs was a little annoying. Not really tough to do but doing little applique work is always a little annoying.

The tail of course has a wire in it, so it can be posed and bent. It's getting easier and easier to stuff them. And I like the touch of the wire to bend and pose the tail.

Monday, July 11, 2011

President Cats (Aria)


A dual commission this time, a client commissioned two cats from an anime Aria to go with their cosplays. But they wanted them the one to be able to bite down on the others stomach. Another anime I didn't know too much about but the designs for the cats are so, so cute! I think the bigger one is my favorite but the smaller one was pretty easy to make, because of how tiny he is.


Originally I was going to put magnets in them to make them stay but that didn't work out. They weren't really staying attached. So instead I sewed in a small clear clip and they clip to each other. The clips work out a bit better and the smaller cat stays to the bigger ones stomach rather nicely.

The bigger one, Aria, had a few cute pieces to it, which was exciting to work on. The hat and bow are made from a different material then the fleece, just a very light cotton fabric. The yellow parts were painted on. I could have sewn it on but it was easier to just paint it on, since the details were so small. The brooch in the center is made from sculpey, with a pin glued to the back and pinned onto the body, so they can be separated and taken off.

The little hat is made from the same material as the bow, but unlike the bow it's sewed onto the head. It was easier to work that way, and I couldn't figure out a good way to attach it without it falling off. So it's just sewed on top and stays on his head forever.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Clara (Kuragehime)


This by far has been my favorite project to work on. I've heard of Kuragehime and I've been really wanting to watch it for a while now, but haven't really gotten around to it yet. But for Otakon, a client wanted the jellyfish mascot type character for their cosplay.


I only had to work in two colors, which was such a nice break from Tracks, having to switch between different all the different colors. But what was the big time consuming part of this project was all the circles on her head and arms. I ended up appliqueing each part on, I even ran out of thread at one point while doing this. It wasn't really difficult to do, but it was the part that look up most of my time, and I got just a bit more practice with applique.

I think my favorite part is the ruffle detail. Its really nothing more then a ruffle made from the fleece material. Simple and sewn around the circumference of the doll. Then the legs are sewn under that. What I really love about this, is that the legs are set up well enough so it can actually stand up on its own! And I love it when I can make a plush stand up.

Other then that I really can't say too much about this one. The shapes are really basic so it was easy to sew, and the eyes are of course buttons. Since its eyes are simple little dots I could really easily pull it off.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tracks (Transformers)


I really never watched Transformers when I was younger, so I really didn't know a lot of the robots. But I had a commission for this Transformer, Tracks and it was right up my ally. I am sort of a robot plushy expert.


This robot had more details on him then I'm used to, so I had to find a way to use all the detail that was there but still simplify it so it could be made into a plush. I was honestly more worried about the head then anything else, but I'm happy with the end result of the head. it reminded me of a Gundam.

There was a lot of little embroidery and applique parts to his body and arms. After a while it was starting to feel like really constructing a robot with the number of parts he had to him; the head, chest, torso, arms, legs, wings...
It's amazing how complicated these ones can get. Even though he's only a few colors, majority red and white, having to constantly switch threads and go between fabrics made the project a bit more time consuming.

He's one of my bigger ones, probably even a little taller then Lockjaw. The client asked for about 16inches but he ended up being closer to 18inches at the very tip of his head. He's also one of my few that can't really stand up on their own. He's too top heavy, I needed to lean him up against the wall to get him to stand. Which was fine, he's meant to be held rather then stand. From what I understand it's part of a cosplay, so the person can hold him. The way he's sewn he can sit down to some degree, with his back propped up against the wall.