Monday, July 11, 2011

President Cats (Aria)


A dual commission this time, a client commissioned two cats from an anime Aria to go with their cosplays. But they wanted them the one to be able to bite down on the others stomach. Another anime I didn't know too much about but the designs for the cats are so, so cute! I think the bigger one is my favorite but the smaller one was pretty easy to make, because of how tiny he is.


Originally I was going to put magnets in them to make them stay but that didn't work out. They weren't really staying attached. So instead I sewed in a small clear clip and they clip to each other. The clips work out a bit better and the smaller cat stays to the bigger ones stomach rather nicely.

The bigger one, Aria, had a few cute pieces to it, which was exciting to work on. The hat and bow are made from a different material then the fleece, just a very light cotton fabric. The yellow parts were painted on. I could have sewn it on but it was easier to just paint it on, since the details were so small. The brooch in the center is made from sculpey, with a pin glued to the back and pinned onto the body, so they can be separated and taken off.

The little hat is made from the same material as the bow, but unlike the bow it's sewed onto the head. It was easier to work that way, and I couldn't figure out a good way to attach it without it falling off. So it's just sewed on top and stays on his head forever.

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