Friday, May 27, 2011

Lockjaw (Marvel Comics)


I'm not really a big comic-book fan, so I don't really know much about comic characters. I was commissioned to make this bulldog character Lockjaw, dressed as Deadpool like this issue cover. My main reference is this cover issue of this comic, but I gathered a few others so I could get the right shape and body.

This is actually one of the biggest plushies that I've made in a while. He's about 14 inches in height. I was trying to go for something accurate so the person could use him for a cosplay prop. But working in bigger sizes make it easier for sewing.


Both legs are separate pieces that are sewn onto the body. I had to create a "mask" and "shirt" for him, the mask was all one piece was the shirt was appliqued to the body. Both the eyes and nose are buttons, sort of a semi cute touch I wanted to add. The eyes were perfect sized for the little eye-holes he had, so I couldn't resist adding the buttons. Also the ears and the tail are the same pattern piece, since they're both so tiny.

The weird antenna thing was part of his character design, it's just stuffed and sewn on. And I honestly almost forgot about it until I looked at my references again. It's such an odd little thing to put on him, but not difficult to sew.

I had to create a muzzle for him, since bulldog's don't really have super pronounced muzzles, I just created a small triangle shape in the same width/height as his mouth, made it so I could easily applique the brown parts on the mouth.

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