Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Metal Gear Rex [Metal Gear Solid]


I made Rex for myself last year and sold him off on my etsy. But I had a commission to make him again. This time it took far less time to make because I already had the patterns made up, and all the spare fabric sitting around. I really didn't need to make any kind of adjustments. There was a few pattern pieces I needed to remake but otherwise it was fairly easy to do again.


Rex has a lot of parts to him, but he's basically a bunch of square shapes that are put together. I basically had to take him and break him down into really simple shapes. I was really glad that my patterns from last year still worked out really well for him a year later. The stitching detail helps breakup the tan looking fabric that I used. What's even nicer is that he actually stands up on his own. He has a lot of detail to him, so it's tough to sort of break him down and try and simplify him for a plushy. Hopefully I can work on Metal Gear Ray soon!

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