Saturday, May 21, 2011

Turret [Portal]


Another commission, this time for the turret from Portal. Despite it's simple shape, it had a lot of little difficult details. I didn't have trouble making the little embroidered details along the body. It came down to the black stripe along its body. I tried several different methods before I came to the one that I like best, which was sewing it with the white body. Then began the difficult part again, which was attaching the legs to the body. It was a fairly simple ladder stitch to hold it together, but I was pretty happy when he was able to stand all on his own. The legs have wires in them so they're completely bendable. The wires are only in the legs, so the rest is very soft, and even in the legs its stuffed, so you can't really feel the wire.


I did sacrifice a bit of accuracy with the legs by making them bend a bit, so they could support the weight of the body. And the body tilts back a bit too because of that, of how it sits. But again, I'm alright with sacrificing a bit of that accuracy. This is part of a two plush commission order from one person. Off to the next Portal plush!

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  1. I love, love, love this. xD
    It's freakin' amazing!